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New Mexico’s Best Selection of Quality Lamps, Lampshades & Accessories
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Excellent and Unique Lighting


Quality Lamps, Lamp Shades, and Accessories

Looking for lamps, lamp shade accessories, and light bulbs? Uptown Lamps & Shades can help. We have Albuquerque, New Mexico’s best selection of lamp shades and accessories. Our collection of high-quality products is suitable to people who are looking for excellent and unique lighting.

Products We Offer:

  • Finest quality lamps and lamp shades
  • Designer lamp accessories
  • Specialty finials
  • Quality light bulbs
  • Unique light fixtures

Fitting a Shade

The best way to purchase a shade is to bring the lamp base into the shop. Like buying a pair of shoes, you need feet to fit into them. Should that not be possible, measure:
  • A) Top diameter
  • B) Bottom diameter
  • C) Side/slant (from top to bottom)
Colorful Lamp Shades
Stylish Lamp Shades
However, just knowing these measurements might not be enough. A new harp might solve your
fitting problems.
You do not want to see the bottom of the socket when you are at eye level with the bottom of the shade.

Come and See Our Selection

We carry one of the largest in-stock selections of specialty lampshade finials in Albuquerque. Come in and see our extensive selection of lamps, lampshades, and accessories! For directions and information about our store, call us at (505) 883-5267. As an owner-operated business, we will be happy to assist you.