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Light Up Your Life


Lamps, Lamp Shades, and Light Fixtures

Tired of living in the dark? Put some light into your life with lamps, lamp shades, and light fixtures from Uptown Lamps & Shades. We are a locally-owned business that has been proudly serving Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2005. We offer a large selection of lamp shades, lamps and accessory items to suit every discriminating taste.
Lamp Shades And Accessories

Why Choose a Locally Owned Business

  • Builds stronger communities
  • Contributes to local causes
  • Ensures innovation and low prices over the long-term
  • Recycles a larger revenue share back into
    the economy
  • Supports environment sustainability
Lamps And Lamp Shades

Learn More About Our Company

Do you want to learn more about our business? Do you need information about the lighting products and services that we offer? Feel free to navigate our website and browse in our Products and Services pages. You can also call us at (505) 883-5267. We are looking forward to your call.