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If you are searching for lamps, lamp shades, light bulbs, and lamp accessories then Uptown Lamps & Shades has you covered. We have Albuquerque, New Mexico's best selection of lamp shades and accessories. Our collection of high-quality products is suitable for people who are searching for excellent and unique lighting.

Products We Offer:

  • Designer lamp accessories
  • Finest quality lamps and lamp shades
  • Specialty finials
  • Quality light bulbs
  • Unique lighting fixtures
Lamp Shades on a Rack - Lamp Shades in Albuquerque, NM

Fitting a Shade

The best way to purchase a lampshade is to bring the lamp base into the shop. Like buying a pair of shoes, you need your feet to fit into them. Should that not be possible, measure:
  • A) Top diameter
  • B) Bottom Diameter
  • C) Side/slant (from top to bottom)

However, just knowing these measurements might not be enough. A new harp might solve your fitting problems.

You do not want to see the bottom of the socket when you are at eye level with the bottom of the shade.